10 Year Rebuild Facility

At Direct Access and Equipment we offer a full 10 year rebuild service for your access equipment. The process includes a full preliminary inspection to denote any initial faults or areas of repair. We then complete a full crack and ultrasonic test of all pins bushes and boss welds. This process will find any imperfections not seen by the human eye. Depending on whether the machine has a slew ring, the next step is testing the amount of bearing movement to ensure it is within manufacturer’s specifications.

Once all this is completed, the machine is stripped down, worn components replaced with genuine parts, and then painted in our paint booth ready for a registered plant inspector to test and sign off on for a further 5 years of work.

We offer this service in both Launceston and Hobart, but can also service the North West Coast from our northern facility.

The photos below show different machines at different stages of the process.